Meet the Team


Patrick Eldridge    


Patrick is a lifelong musician turned full-stack web developer with a degree in Entrepreneurship. Having a passion for all things creative, he is always looking for opportunities to grow his skill set and help others. Currently available for full-time employment.


Bennett Lin    

Developer / Git Master

Bennett has two years of combined experience as a full-stack Web and iOS developer, with a background in music theory and composition. He is looking for full-time opportunities in the Greater Seattle or Greater Los Angeles metropolitan areas.


Allie Moses    


Allie is a full-stack web developer. She's combining her business background and love for technology by pursuing a career in web development. When she's not coding, Allie is traveling, exploring the outdoors, playing with animals, or jamming to music.


Daniel Smith    

Developer / Product Manager

As a collegiately-trained musician, Daniel solves both technical and artistic problems through innovation, creativity, and persistent focus. Leveraging those strengths into his passion for technology and design, he strives to create elegant applications with both substance and flash.